“I can’t tell you how much fun it was watching you do those balloons for kids – so elaborate, so creative, and you were so wonderful with everyone. Who wouldn’t want you to make a balloon hat for them (even one of those amazingly HUGE ones).”
- Parry; Liliana’s Restaurant

“You are STUPENDOUS! I hope everyone and anyone for whom you’ve ever entertained has told you that. Guitars, bats, monkeys climbing palm trees?!?!?!??!?! And all done with such grace, kindness and joy!”
-Jean; Entertainment Coordinator, HEADRUSH

“Thank you so much for coming to visit and paint our faces! We talked about it for DAYS!  Our parents loved our fun animal faces! We hope to see you again!”
-Your friends from the La Petite in Belleville, Wi

“I have no words to thank you for all the effort you put in to make our simple party a grand success.  I am getting calls from everybody that their kids love the face painting and the balloon sculpting.  I hope we could do this again.  I wish you get a lot more business from our area.  You deserve it.   Thanks again!”
- Charu; Party mom

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a Letter of Recommendation for an amazingly talented entertainer whom I recently met by searching the internet trying to find a place to hold my upcoming 4-year old daughter’s birthday party. As soon as I discovered Tami Schroeder’s website, I immediately took interest and needed to know more!  I was flabbergasted to come across a children’s entertainer in the Madison area who was willing to come to your home to fulfill your children’s party needs using her various talents.  I knew there would have to be a trust established on both ends to start things off.

Performing my research, I discovered that Tami Schroeder has been entertaining for quite some time now.  After having the privilege of witnessing her cleverness, wit, and organizational skills for this recent party, she is definitely performing within the perfect field!    Her talents include phenomenal balloon sculpting, extraordinary face painting, highly artistic caricature drawings, and creating fantasy storybook Fairy parties.

I decided to utilize Tami’s Garden Fairy Party skills, knowing this age was full of imagination.  Her preparation included everything from ‘where and when we would meet in advance for her to transfer her costumes and decorations to me’, to ‘emailing and discussing ideas I could use in making items to correlate with the theme for a complete, well, thought-out party’ (fairy treats, fairy pledge bookmarks, fairy house, etc).  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this would be a party unlike the previous ones where I could sit back and enjoy myself knowing Tami would have things under control.

Tami continued to stay afloat with the party plans.  She would pleasantly and promptly return my calls, answer every question I had, and always confirm our appointments in advance.  It was especially nice to know that there was continuous communication and that my resource was always available within a reasonable amount of time.  During these conversations, I also came to know that Tami is an intelligent, loving, and responsible mother, who adores children of all ages!  She wants to place that smile on the children’s faces and be sure they are content at all times.   Without a doubt, her role as a positive parent helps in making her entertainment a great success!

My daughter’s party was loved by all!  As my daughter’s Garden Fairy Party began, you could feel the room bursting with excitement and suspense as the fourteen (14) young girls awaited the Fairy’s grand entrance.  Tami was immediately a “hit” with the children and definitely captured their full attention.   Despite the number of girls at this party, who all attempted to talk at the same time, Tami quickly had an indirect method of maintaining structure to still give each and every guest their turn.  She would do so by using direct questions, addressing individuals (using their name as much as possible), storytelling, or by using song and dance.

Allowing the children play for a while, the Fairy brightened each individual’s face with their own personal face painting design.  Once finished, I tried to gain the children’s attention to tell them it was time to sit at the table for cake and “tea party”.   Identifying my struggle, Tami instantly picked up the pieces by calmly singing a song, motioning the children to hold hands, and leading them to the tea party table.  I remember thinking to myself at that point, “Thank God for the Fairy!”  :D

Tami does not take anything for granted and surprisingly, she is always extremely observant.  I had asked my Manager from work, who is very talented in photography, to take some photos of the children to take that piece off my hands as well.  In doing so, he was reluctant to accept any food or beverage from me at the party.  While Tami was pouring tea (lemonade) for the tea party, she noticed on her own that he was across the room with nothing to drink, mentioned it to me, and was sure to include him by taking him something to drink herself.  She is a natural hostess!

I do not think you will find a sweeter, more passionate entertainer in this business!  Tami Schroeder delivered over and beyond my greatest expectations for my daughter’s birthday party.  It was worth every penny spent and even more!  I guarantee you will not be disappointed!  If I were to be asked whether or not I will use her services again…that is a definite “YES”!

Tammy Baker; Sun Prairie, Wi birthday party mom

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