Garden Fairy

Bring the enchanting World of Fairies to your child for an unforgettable birthday experience!

“You were the very best fairy every little girl dreams about.  Thank you for the fairy aura, energy, and life that you instilled into our party… We are in awe of you and your talent.  Thank you for the memories.”
- Heather; Birthday child’s mom

Choose from three packages:

A Garden Fairy Visit – one hour of entertainment

The Garden Fairy invites your child and friends to imagine a world where fairies exist. She arrives at your door in full fairy garb, complete with glistening fairy wings and a Mary Poppins like bag filled with face paints, fairy treasures, games and her “Trusty Fairy Handbook”.

She then weaves a tale of how, as a small child, she dreamed of a fairy that taught her the ways of the fairy world.

The fun continues with games, whimsical face painting and a fairy pledge that enables the children to become fairies in the hearts.  She may also pose with each child for a keepsake photo.  This is a great addition to the thank you notes.

If you would like, The Garden Fairy can stay to help with presents and cake.  She will help facilitate opening presents and record the gifts and givers, then help you serve up cake and ice cream to the newly appointed fairies.  While the children are eating she can chitchat with them or read them a fairy story.  Then, with everyone fed and happy, she will be on her fairy way.

Fairy Wonderland DIY (No entertainer included)

We provide a complete Fairy Party Guide including menu suggestions and other helpful hints for a successful party.
This rental package includes use of the following items:
  • Original Locally ‘Grown’ Flower Fairy Costumes – Funny Faces provides you with exquisite handmade costumes with wings to transform your child and friends into the little fairies of their dreams.
  • The garden arch complete with flowers and greenery, giant flowers, banners, windsocks and many other fairy decorations will transform your space.
  • A hand painted, enchanted forest backdrop for pictures.
  • A dainty set of flower teacups with matching leaf saucers, flower beaded napkin rings and serving platters so the children can dine in style.
  • A HearthSong whimsical netted reading nook will provide a magical place to play.
  • Books about fairies, music, games and fun props are sure to give the fairies plenty of opportunities for fun.

A Visit from the Garden Fairy in Fairy Wonderland – two hours of entertainment plus

This enchanting package includes everything from The Garden Fairy Visit and Fairy Wonderland package plus an extra hour of entertainment.

The fairy party was so fun! Lizzie woke up and said, ‘I’m a real fairy now! I took the fairy pledge and now I’m a real fairy.’  Thank you for all the time you spent here! All the parents were stunned at how entertained and attentive their children were. It was amazing! Thank you so much!”- Jeannie; Birthday child’s mom

“I want that boo-ti-fal fairy to come back tomorrow.”
- Talia; Little Sister of Birthday Girl

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